Managed VoIP Call Center solution has security advantage

TMCnet’s Call Center Business channel reports the introduction of Voicent Communication’s new subscription-based licensing for Call Center software.

The Mountain View, California-based VoIP software developer, which has differentiated itself with a managed rather than purely hosted solution to gain clients cost-efficiency and flexibility advantages, also provides a security advantage in that companies do not need to hand hosting companies important contact and relationship management data.

According to the article: “As cyber attacks are happening on almost a daily basis nowadays, enterprises must begin to leverage a portfolio that can help to protect key data and information from being viewed by users who are not granted permission. Luckily, this call center business offering brings protection to a heightened level company-wide, while simultaneously eliminating costly upfront software requirements and replacing them with cost-effective monthly service payments.”

According to a Voicent press release, the company has revamped its call center business tools.

Jerry Scharf, Voicent’s director of Marketing, is quoted in the release: “Voicent’s long-held advantage is its ease-of-use, excellent product integration and its buy-it-once, own-it-for-life licensing. That means Voicent is not only an easy tool to learn and use, it’s also remarkably flexible and affordable.”

“Through expanding its footprint into the Software-as-a-Service space,” TMCnet writes, companies that team with the call center business provider can scale their system up or down according to their needs on-the-fly, and don’t need to purchase any additional hardware of software since everything is hosted via the cloud.”

The company offers a setup service in which it will install and configure its call center software on leased servers, then hand the client the keys to the new call center once it is up and running.

More information on Voicent’s new subscription service for Call Center software is available on Voicent’s website.


Adaptive Digital helps solve VoIP issues for application developers

Plymouth Meeting, PA-based Adaptive Digital Technologies has announced the release of VoIP Engine/SIP Reference Kits that enable developers to create VoIP applications for smartphones and other devices.

According to the company’s product announcement, “In competitive world of mobile application development, there is enormous pressure to get the next major product to market quickly. Adaptive Digital’s VoIP Engine Development Kit ensures that there is no trade-off between speed-to-market and product quality.”

The company’s kits, which include both a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) engine software development kit (SDK), and a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) SDK, can expedite application development for Android, Android Tablet, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Windows and Windows-based tablets by essentially solving troublesome requirements that allow VoIP functionality.

According to the company’s announcement, “Exacerbating the problems of the competitive mobile market, there are inherent hurtles to overcome when developing and deploying applications to different mobile platforms. To alleviate the difficulty, Adaptive Digital provides several platform reference kits which can imported into the development environment to get a project up and running quickly.”

When VoIP goes wrong, how do you find a solution?

Your VoIP phone system may work perfectly 99 percent of the time. But, what if there is an intermittent problem that causes quality issues or a glitch can irritate customers and embarrass you business?

GL Communications Inc., a Gaithersburg, MA-based software developer, has released new Call Details Analysis software that helps find the “needle in the haystack” causing phone issues.

According to the company’s CEO, Vijay Kulkarni, the software provides system engineers with the information necessary to identify the cause of problems.
“When ‘problem calls’ occur infrequently but often enough, they can negatively affect productivity and efficiency of a thriving business,” Kulkarni said, adding “Such calls are often not reproducible or predictable.”

Kulkarni  said CDR Analysis System is designed to capture all calls and all events (including voice quality), providing insight into general performance and details for fast troubleshooting.

Founded in 1986, GL Communications Inc. is a supplier of test, monitoring, and analysis equipment for TDM, Wireless, IP and VoIP networks. Unlike conventional test equipment, GL’s test platforms provide visualization, capture, storage, and convenient features like portability, remote access, and scripting, according to the company.

Five reasons to love VoIP

My VoIP Provider has provided a list of 5 ways reasons to love VoIP:

1. Really inexpensive international calls

Everyone knows this. International calls for pennies a minute or less is a wonderful thing.

2. Targeted area codes

For even cheaper rates, VoIP allows you to target international area codes and essentially make them as cheap as local calls.

3. The cheapest nationwide calls

What’s good overseas, is even better in the homeland. Every VoIP provider offers unlimited national calling.

4. Block that call!

VoIP gives you four ways.

5. Be connected–anywhere

A great VoIP feature is known as “Find Me Follow Me,” which allows users to program all calls to follow them, whether they are in the office, on the road and available by cell phone, or at a home number.

Not all VoIP vendors provide this capability so, if you want it, find a vendor that offers it. ranks best rates for residential calls to India

Looking for the best deals for staying in touch with India? has posted a list of the top five VoIP providers based on the call volume required, the best calling-plan deals, free included minutes, flexibility for incoming and out-going call discounts, and more.

The site lists:

VOIPo as the vendor with the absolute cheapest rates (60 free minutes, then $0.02 cents per minute).

ITP for those who need to regularly place and receive low-cost calls from India

Axvoice for those who the flexibility of month-to-month calling plans

BroadVoice for those who need lots of international coverage including India. for the lowest price for frequent callers to India (1,200 free minutes per month).

The site offers tips, advice and provider listings for anyone looking for VoIP service for home or business.

In addition to definitions and comparisons of different types of server, the site also offers a listing of the top 100 providers and reviews of VoIP service providers.



Voicent launches Call Center Business channel on TMCnet

Mountain View, CA.-based Voicent Communications has launched a new TMCnet news channel exclusively focused on Call Center business.

The more than 10-year-old communications software company, which began as as a maker of VoIP-based solutions for automated predictive dialers and automated appointment reminder software, has grown into a full line of multi-format, integrated communication solutions including message broadcasting tools for phone, email, and SMS, as well as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and other sophisticated Internet Protocol oriented technologies.

Last year, Voicent announced dramatic scalability gains that enabled its products to handle even global enterprise call volumes, extending Voicent’s relevance beyond the Small to Medium-sized business market.

The company’s focus on Call Center business includes the introduction of its Call Center Manager software, which provides automated monitoring and management of call center employee performance, resource usage, campaign effectiveness, regulatory compliance, and more.


New service has cross-network VoIP, next-gen multimedia

Frankfurt, Germany-based DE-CIX, partnered with XConnect, a Federation-based next generation interconnection and ENUM Registry services, announced the launch of a new service designed to resolve emerging challenges in the telecoms market, especially seamless, multilateral interconnection of different networks for Next Generation Network communications and Voice over IP (VoIP).

The migration to all-IP Next Generation and VoIP networks offers significant competitive and cost-reduction benefits.

But NGN interconnections greatly concern operators due to cost and complexity.

The new service, called DE-CIX NGN, solves the challenges by providing network operators a secure hub for NGN interconnection.

Benefits of the new service include multilateral NGN interconnection to multiple networks, improved Voice quality, higher-value multimedia services, more accurate call routing, and reduction of capital and operating expenses.

The new service is expected to be officially launched September 13.


PathSolutions joins Mitel Solutions Alliance

PathSolutions, a VoIP and network performance management solution provider PathSolutions has joined Mitel Solutions Alliance., a comprehensive program that enables a wide range of third-party partners to create products and services that integrate with Mitel’s core business communications portfolio.

According to David Lowenstein, Director of Business Development at Mitel, the alliance is designed to help Mitel attract companies that “complement our market vision and can help us implement it rapidly and successfully.”

“PathSolutions VoIP performance management solution makes it easy to identify the root-cause of poor quality calls as well as prevent and solve voice quality problems in the network,” Lowenstein says in an announcement of the partnership.

According to the annouincement, PathSolutions’ VoIP Network Manager delivers “Total VoIP Visibility” throughout the entire VoIP infrastructure. Ready to go, right out-of-the-box, it is the only solution that automatically monitors all network links, switches and routers, identifies the root cause of where and why a VoIP call went bad, and then recommends a fix in plain-English, according to the announcement.

“As a long-time partner, we are pleased to be joining Mitel’s Solutions Alliance program. Our vision is to deliver Total VoIP Visibility so that stable, high performing VoIP networks are the industry norm. We are pleased to be a part of Mitel’s partner ecosystem,” said Tim Titus, CTO of PathSolutions.

Based in Santa Clara, California, PathSolutions is a provider of automated network performance management solutions that enable the rapid troubleshooting and resolution of VoIP, video, and data quality issues.

Texas city sues over trouble-plagued VoIP system

The City of Round Rock has filed suit against Dallas-based Mercury Communications Services, claiming the company is inadequately staffed and trained to manage VoIP services for the city, according to a story in Courthouse News.

According to the story, the city’s VoIP service routinely suffers dropped calls, syncing failures and computer crashes, and company employees have admitted they have not been trained in the system and are learning on-the-job.

In a suit filed in Williamson County Court, the city says it hired Mercury in December 2010 to install and maintain the VoIP system, which transmits voice communications over the Internet rather than traditional telephone lines. The system was implemented in July 2011, but immediately had serious problems, according to the news story.

The story quotes the complaint as reading: ”These problems included consistent and extensive hardware and software issues, dropped calls, voicemail issues, syncing failures, dysfunctional software integration and software crashes, among other issues.”

The city, which is located about 20 miles north of Austin, is seeking declaratory and injunctive relief and actual damages for breach of contract.

Customers respond favorably to 911 Enable’s E911 services

 Montreal-based 911 Enable,which provides E911 solutions for VoIP and Unified Communications, has announced that its customers have overwhelmingly approved its 911 services.

The company said that a survey  distributed to customers focused on measuring why they chose 911 Enable, and their impressions of 911 Enable’s customer service, staff and suite of solutions.

According to the company, when asked about their motivation for selecting 911 Enable, the top three reasons indicated by respondents included:

  • The robust product feature-sets;
  • The competitive pricing structure;
  • Certification with today’s leading voice vendors, such as Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft, ShoreTel and others.

Additional reasons for selecting 911 Enable included recommendations from industry peers, the established track record of all the solutions, and ease of set up and use.

According to the company, 97 percent of respondents indicated that their 911 Enable solution met or exceeded their expectations, and 90% would recommend 911 Enable to their colleagues.

The company’s announcement quoted  Lev Deich, director of 911 Enable: ”Since the beginning, our goal has been to deliver the best E911 solutions on the market paired with outstanding service, from sales to implementation to ongoing support.  The results of this survey confirm that we’ve been consistently reaching this goal, and provide us with additional motivation to continue improving our solutions and service offerings.”

For more information on 911 Enable’s E911 solutions, visit , call 1-877-862-2835, or email